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Providing Everything You Need to integrate menstrual health


Menstrual cup

Easy to use and long lasting!


A menstrual cup collects  menstrual blood. It is made out of 100% medical grade silicon and can be used for up to 10 years if well looked after.

Our menstrual cup  is available is 2 sizes : S & L.

Period underwear

Very comfortable !


A period underwear is an underwear that holds absorbent material.Yu don't need to use anything else.. It can hold the equivalent of 3 tampons.

A great product or girls that have starting their menstruation and need time to know their body.

We recommand to distribute 3 per beneficiary.

Culotte menstruelle devant.JPG

Reusable pads

Easy to wash!


Our period pad is a great alternative to the other 2 options. Easy to wash, it dries under 24 hours.

We recommend to use 4 pads per girl and provide a bag for storage.

uteruswithflowers 012020.jpeg

our toolkit

We believe that distributing period products is not enough.


To allow you & your team to have the necessary information on menstrual health, we have put together a tool kit.

Our tool kit contains videos on how to use our products, instruction leaflets, information on menstruation, posters on reusable products and menstruation.

​Once your purchased in confirmed, you will receive your personal log-in.  

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