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Our digital solutions

To allow you to stay connected with your beneficiaries, increase your reach or train your team remotely, we have developped digital solutions. Choose one of our solution and ensure the success of your menstrual healht project.


Our chatbot

Our Chat(bot) powered by AI can be used by your beneficiaries. At their convenience, they can have access to information on cycle health and reusable period product.

Her name is Eima and she is free to use.

She is an expert in menstrual health and will happily support your team.

When internet access is an issue, she can be deployed to discus with your beneficiaires by SMS or Whatsapp.

Whatsapp training

When in-person training is a challenge, using whatsapp is the best solution not to delay our training on menstrual health. Allow your organisation to evaluate & train your team on menstrual cycle, menstruation and much more.

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Online Evaluation

In order to ensure that the distribution is what you were expecting, evaluate the current needs (product & education) prior the implementation of your programme,  follow in real time what product has been distributed, if they are still using it after a few months, and the impact of your programme once it has been finalised.


Thank you!

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