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Our Comprehensive Menstrual Health Solutions

Partner with us for tailored menstrual health program integration, real-time data access, sustainable practices, and empowering educational resources

Comprehensive MHM program integration

Our Comprehensive MHM Program Integration is specifically tailored to meet the unique needs of NGOs by following an approved process


Initial consultation

This is the first contact point where MHM Solutions learns about the NGO or association's current situation, their unique needs, and their objectives related to menstrual health management.

Business Plan

Customized deployment plan development

Based on the initial consultation, MHM Solutions develops a tailored plan to integrate menstrual health management into the NGO or association's existing programs. This plan takes into account the organization's location, specific goals, and other unique factors.

Implementation Planning


Once the plan is finalized and agreed upon, MHM Solutions supports the NGO or association in integrating the menstrual health management program into their existing structure. This involves providing necessary tools, products, and support.

Continuous support

After successful integration, MHM Solutions continues to provide support, allowing NGOs to monitor program effectiveness, understand the needs of beneficiaries, and make informed decisions for continuous improvement.

Real-Time Data Access and Decision-Making Support

We believe in the power of informed decision-making. With our solutions, your organization will have real-time access to critical data related to your menstrual health management programs. This enables you to:

  • Monitor the effectiveness of your programs.

  • Understand the evolving needs of your beneficiaries.

  • Make strategic decisions for continuous improvement.

How do we achieve this? Through a combination of innovative digital tools and personalized support. For example, our chatbot can interact with your beneficiaries, gathering valuable feedback and data that can guide your program decisions. We also offer WhatsApp support training, where your team can get real-time assistance and insights from our menstrual health experts.

Moreover, we provide analytics tools and expert guidance, helping you interpret the data and translate it into actionable insights. This includes regular reports, data visualizations, and one-on-one consultations with our team of experts. Our goal is to empower your organization to make data-driven decisions that enhance the impact of your menstrual health initiatives


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Sustainable Practices

At MHM Solutions, we are committed to both environmental and social sustainability. Our solutions emphasize the use of eco-friendly menstrual products. Our catalogue allos you to choose from :

  • Menstrual cups

  • Reusable pads

  • Period underwear


They all  provide effective menstrual health management and contribute to the broader sustainability goals of your organization. We work with partners who share our commitment to sustainable practices and seek to lessen the burden on communities by reducing waste and promoting reusable or biodegradable products. Through our solutions, your organization can promote menstrual health in a way that aligns with a larger vision for a sustainable and inclusive future.

Empowering Educational Resources

Building a foundation of knowledge is key to the success of any menstrual health program. That's why we provide comprehensive educational resources to support your team and beneficiaries.

Our educational resources include:

  • Tailored Training Materials: We provide a range of customizable training materials to suit your program's specific needs. These materials cover key topics in menstrual health and are designed to be engaging, accessible, and culturally sensitive.

  • Online Learning Platform: We offer an online learning platform where your team can access a wealth of educational content at any time. This includes instructional videos, webinars, interactive quizzes, and more, all focused on various aspects of menstrual health management.

  • Expert-Led Workshops: We arrange workshops led by experts in the field of menstrual health. These sessions provide an opportunity for your team to gain deeper insights, ask questions, and engage in discussions on relevant topics.

  • Community Engagement Tools: To ensure the long-term success of your program, we provide tools and strategies for effective community engagement. This includes materials for raising awareness, strategies for breaking down menstrual taboos, and guidance on how to involve all members of the community in menstrual health initiatives.

Through these resources, we aim to empower your team and beneficiaries with the knowledge and skills needed for successful, sustainable menstrual health management

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