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About us


Our story

When we started this adventure, we were solely looking at providing menstrual cups to girls and women in LMICs.

We quickly realized that it wasn’t enough and that the challenges surrounding menstruation were far more complex than initially anticipated.

We worked with organizations and communities to understand their challenges and their needs. Our objective was to find a way to bring what we do best to allow them to maximize their impact and the number of beneficiaries reached. We now supply a range of reusable products that are suited to the age of the girls that are receiving and using them, and have developed a wide range of services to give organizations the tools they need to make their implementation a success.

We are an initiative of 

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Where we work?

We work worldwi!de

Our head office in France. 

We ship our products all over the w, can train your team in person, remotely or using our whatsapp training bot.


Our chatbot in english has regular users in Botswana, India, Kenya, Nigeria, Tanzania and South Africa.

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