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Helping you integrate Menstrual Health Management into your programmes

We work with NGOs all over to world to provide them with high quality reusable menstrual hygiene products at a competitive price and tools to address menstruation

Our products


3 reusable options

Choose the product that suits best your beneficiaries.

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Our menstrual cup

Our period underwear

Our reusable pad


Our tool kit


Once you log-in, all our material available for you and your teams

Receive your log-in details as soon as purchase is confirmed


Use our chatbot to communicate directly with your beneficiaries and answer any question by SMS.



Evaluate the impact of your programme, track distribution of products, uptake, understand your partners distributions and much more



3 hours training on how to use our products to your educators or chosen super-users

On site or remote

depending on your location.


Use our tool kit to ensure a successful distribution
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We believe in changing the way menstruations are perceived. We are convinced that managing your period is not enough. Learn to know your body better, discuss without any taboos about all the matters linked to menstruation are the real key to respect yourself and live your period with dignity. We work with NGOs and organisations all over the world to  achieve this.

MHM Solutions




It is the reason we exist. By providing educational and informative material on menstruation, we help you break menstruation taboos. 


Zero waste

Our product allow to directly reduce the waste generated by menstruation.

A woman will use between 11,000 and 15,000 pads in her lifetime.

Ensuring sucessful uptake

Our flexibility allow you to obtain the prodcuts and services you need to fit within your organisation


We train super-users in your team to ensure that they have all the tools to train all future users.

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Increase the number of beneficiaries

Our unique supply chain allows us to highly competitive price. Allowing you to reach more beneficiaries


Would you like to buy our products or need some additional information?

Would you like to discuss your current program andhow to integrate MHM?


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