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Giving you and your beneficiaries the option


Easy to use and long lasting


A menstrual cup collects  menstrual blood. It is made out of 100% medical grade silicon and can be used for up to 10 years if well looked after.

Our menstrual cup  is available is 2 sizes : S & L.


Very comfortable 

Culotte menstruelle devant.JPG

A period underwear is an underwear that holds absorbent material.Yu don't need to use anything else.. It can hold the equivalent of 3 tampons.

A great product or girls that have starting their menstruation and need time to know their body.

We recommand to distribute 3 per beneficiary.


Easy to wash

Pad 2.png

Our period underwear is a great alternative to the other 2 options. Easy to wash, it dries under 24 hours.

We recommend to use 4 pads per girl and provide a bag for storage.



The essential tools to ensure your integration is a success

dessin uterus.jpeg

Tool Kit

We believe that distributing sanitary product is not enough. To allow you provide the necessary information to your team and your beneficiaries, we have put together a tool kit.

Our tool kit contains videos on how to use our product, instruction leaflets, information on menstruation, posters on reusable products and menstruation.

All the information provided in the tool kit can be translated in the language that you require to ensure that it is adapted to your needs.

Our tool kit is available on this website with your personal log-in.  This allows you to have access to all the new content we produce on a regular basis.

dessin uterus.jpeg


To ensure that your team knows how to use, care for,  and store for the products, we provide a 3 hours training.


We review all the steps of usage of the different products : Washing, sterilising (in the case of the cup), using, storing. 


The training can be done remotely or in person depending on your needs and your location. It can be performed in English, Portuguese and French.

Plan de travail 1.png


In order to ensure that the distribution is what you were expecting, evaluate the current needs (product & education) prior the implementation of your programme,  follow in real time what product has been distributed, if they are still using it after a few months, and the impact of your programme once it has been finalised.

Meet Eima

Our Chat(bot) powered by AI can be used by your beneficiaries in time where accessing your facilities can be an issue. 

She is an expert in menstrual health and will happily support your team.

When accessing internet is an issue, she can be deployed to discus with your beneficiaires by SMS or Whatsapp.



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