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EIMA : Talk about your menstrual health at your convenience

A study recently done on the situation of menstruation, prior and post Covid in 160 countries, has shown that before the pandemic 51% of the girls globally could only talk openly about their period with very close people and 14% said that the pandemic made it even harder to talk about it.

(More info on this study, available at :

Whilst we have provided more physical documentation to allow the girls to take home with them and discuss menstruation, it was clear that it was not enough. Therefore, we had to create something extra that would allow the girls to discuss their menstruation at any given time. This is how Eima was born.

How does it work?

Eima is a Chatbot that uses AI to answer the questions asked by the users. It learns from every single interaction to become more accurate in the answers she can provide. Each time, your beneficiaries has a specific question, they can access Eima via our dedicated website and ask their question. Then, they will obtain an answer immediately.

Have a question? Try her now :

What are the limitations of the Chat(bot)?

We provide health and not medical advice. Whenever a medical concern arises, we immediately advise the user to seek assistance from a medical professional.

In which language is it available?

Right now, the English version is online and the French version is being prepared as we write this post. It is important for us that every language is set-up correctly and tested. This ensures that local specificities, typing error and more, are anticipated so that the user can obtain an accurate answer.

Why is this interesting for your organization?

Addressing menstruation outside of schools can be challenging. Our Chatbot allows girls and women around the world to access information on menstrual health from anywhere, at any time.

Your organization can use this platform to help answer questions about menstruation when your premises are closed, during difficult times or after an education session where personal questions are difficult to answer in public.

If we were to go through another lock-down and your facilities are forced to close, your team could keep interacting on menstrual health with your beneficiaries. In fact, Eima has the option to transfer the discussion to an agent and chat to them directly or to be deployed by SMS or Whatsapp.

We understand the challenges that your organization might face in using this technology in region where English is not the main language…. There is always a solution and amazing new features will be soon released to answer those challenges.

Want to know more? Contact us. We will be happy to take you through what is coming next.

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